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Dawn Bringer #1 - The Dreamer
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Dawn Bringer #2 - The Seeker
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Dawn Bringer #3
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Are you looking for a great fantasy adventure?

Check out, The Dreamer. The first book in The Dawn Bringer trilogy.

Follow Oryn the Undying as he faces a relentless enemy intent on stopping him from rescuing a seven year old girl and returning her to her father.

The Dreamer is rated with five stars on Amazon and has been loved by readers of all types.

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For a limited time, get a FREE copy of The Crest of Destruction!

Discover an Oryn the Undying story that takes place 700 years before The Dreamer!

Can Oryn discover the cause of the mysterious illness that plagues Harren's Crest before the citizens succumb to it's terrible death?

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Latest News

The Wait is Over! The Seeker is Now Available!

Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to announce that The Seeker is now available!

This novel is a follow up to The Dreamer, a fantasy story that received a five star rating on Amazon.

Follow Oryn the Undying as he seeks a mysterious weapon that his goddess said would help him end a centuries’ long war. When he arrives at a lost island, he discovers,to his horror, that humanity has been defeated by the kai who wield magic with terrible consequences.

Can Oryn stop the kai from committing an atrocity? Will his companions survive in this deadly land?

Find out now!

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The Dreamer Available for 50% off for a limited time! Just $1.99!

Hi Everyone,

In honor of the announcement proclaiming that The Seeker comes on 12/11/17, I have made The Dreamer (e-book) available for 50% off at the price of just $1.99.

This deal is available through 12/11/17.

This gives you a great chance to get into a new series. The Dreamer has been rated at 5 stars on Amazon. I believe you will enjoy this wonderful fantasy adventure.

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The Seeker, Dawn Bringer Volume 2 – Coming 12/11/2017!

Hi everyone!

I am very excited to announce that The Seeker, book 2 of the Dawn Bringer Trilogy is coming on December 11, 2017!

I have been working very hard on this follow up to The Dreamer and I am so happy to be able to share it with you at last.

Preorders are available now! Just follow this link and select your favorite e-book retailer. You can also read the first chapter of the novel by following the link!

Check out this awesome description and prepare yourself for a fast-paced and harrowing adventure!

Get away from it all with an enthralling Fantasy Adventure read!

Embark on a breath-taking trip to a fantasy world with the sequel of top rated ‘The Dreamer’ that won a place in the heart of avid fantasy adventure readers around the globe!

Follow the steps of Oryn the Undying in his quest for the only weapon that would rid mankind of the threat of elimination!

An intriguing trip to a dark, mysterious island to seek a weapon prophesied by his goddess in a prophetic dream is Oryn’s only chance to save humans from the malevolent claws of Arnock.

But the ominous clouds eternally covering the island hide yet another challenge: the heinous kai have discovered magic and used their power to kidnap the children of human villages for vile rites.

Disillusioned, defeated and in deep despair, humans are hopeless to safeguard their future; unless Oryn manages to reach the children before the crucial summer solstice deadline!

Will he manage to win this nightmarish race with time? Will he save the children and ward off the threat for human race elimination?

Find out in a captivating fantasy adventure story that will keep you hooked to the very end!

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