Exploring My Writing Process


In last week’s blog, I mentioned that I will be sharing some general insights and information about me. Today, I want to share my writing process. If you are a new author or considering writing a novel, you may find some information here that can help you.

In the first blog, I talked about how I wrote my first novel. My outline consisted of a single page of bullet points in a Word document. Since that time, my process has evolved significantly.

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The Beginning…

Hello! I thought I would begin my blog posts with some introductory posts. In this very first one, I will share with you how I came to write novels. Writing novels has become a passion of mine. And discovering how a person’s passion is ignited, can be fun. Maybe a […]

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Welcome to my new site!

This site will be my internet home and a way for me to interact with you!

I am a writer and I plan to launch my first novel this year. On this site, I will provide updates on my work as well as details regarding my novels. You’ll notice a status section on the left side of the page. I will keep this up to date as I work through the writing and publishing process.

The title of the first novel is The Dreamer. It is book one in a trilogy I have called Dawn Bringer. To learn more about The Dreamer, please visit the page I created for it.

In addition, I plan to provide regular blog updates (at least 2 per month). These updates will include my personal take on writing as well as insight into my writing process. Once I determine a launch date for a novel, I will post a number of blog updates to share information about the novels as the release date approaches. In addition, Once the release date has passed, I will post some spoilery blogs about “behind the scenes” items related to the novel. I plan to publish my blogs on Mondays.

I really hope you bookmark this page and visit me often. I look forward to forming a lasting relationship with you – my friends, my family, and my fans!

Please consider subscribing to receive email newsletters. I will publish one each quarter and on rare occasions when I have big news to share.

Also consider clicking the twitter link in the upper right corner of the page and following me.

This is a beginning that I have been planning for for years and I am very excited.

Thank you!

James Kampel

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