The Dreamer – Available Now!

It’s here!

After years of work, the day has arrived where The Dreamer is available for the world.

I am so excited to share it with you.

I want to thank everyone that offered me feedback and encouragement as I took this journey. I wouldn’t be here without all your support!

I look forward to hearing from all of you about your experience with the story. Be it good or bad, all feedback is welcome!

And while today is a huge milestone, it is just the beginning.

There is much more to come my friends.

Much more.

Happy Reading!

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The Dreamer Prologue

The Dreamer by James Kampel This is an excerpt of the novel provided to you to celebrate the launch of the novel. Discover the event that started it all! PROLOGUE The humans of Sirra faced an unending war. The ruthless enemy pursued a campaign to defeat and enslave humanity. Centuries […]

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The Dreamer – Physical Copy Available For Orders

Hi everyone!

This is just a quick update to let you know that the print version of The Dreamer is now available to order on Amazon.

As a special gift, anyone that purchases the print version will get the Kindle version for free! This is an extra way for me to say “Thank you!”

Also, due to the learning curve I’ve been on, if you order the physical copy and choose a shipping method that is fast enough, you can get your hands on The Dreamer before the Kindle launch date of 4/27/17.

Happy Reading!

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Coming 4/27/2017 – The Dreamer, Dawn Breaker Volume 1!

I am so happy to announce that The Dreamer will launch on 4/27/2017!

This has been an absolute labor of love, and I cannot wait to get it into your hands!

I am launching this novel on Amazon through the Kindle Direct Publishing service as well as CreateSpace.

At this time, only the Kindle version of the book is available for pre-order.

If you seek a physical copy, I expect that to appear shortly before the launch. I will post an update once it is available.

The Kindle version of the book will sell for $3.99.

The physical version of the book will sell for $12.95.

As a special “thank you” to those that buy the physical copy, I will give you the Kindle version of the book for free!*

Please consider this the first of MANY “thank you’s” to everyone that has and will support me. You are wonderful people!

*The free Kindle version is only available if you purchase the physical copy through Amazon.

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