The Dreamer – Annotations – Chapters 13 and 14 Available Now!

Hi Everyone!

A new Monday has arrived.

I’d like to take a moment to offer my sincerest sympathy to the families of those that lost their lives on 9/11/2001. I know that today is a very difficult day for each of you. Just know that I and the entire country stand with you as we remember this day. And I offer my greatest thanks to the first responders that risked, and in too many cases, gave up their lives to help those in need on that terrible day.

I also want to wish the best to those that suffered Harvey and those that are experiencing Irma. Storms like these bring a terrible toll. I just hope that you and your family are safe.

In keeping with my weekly schedule, I have published the annotations for chapters 13 and 14 of The Dreamer this morning.

You can access them on the primary annotations page. Check them out!

I hope you are enjoying these looks into the background of this novel.

If you have any questions for a particular chapter, leave a comment on the post and I’ll be happy to provide an answer.

Happy Reading!

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