James Kampel has been writing novels for over ten years. He is very happy to share his work with you! He writes fantasy novels with very strong character growth that really strike an emotional chord. He has published The Dreamer, the first volume of the Dawn Bringer trilogy, featuring Oryn the Undying. He has also published The Crest of Destruction, a novella featuring Oryn the Undying. James holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and a master's degree in library and information science. He lives in Columbus, Ohio with his two beautiful cats. When he's not writing or reading, James enjoys playing computer and video role playing games. 

James was inspired by such greats as Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, R.A. Salvatore, Ed Greenwood, Robert Jordan, and Stephen King. James will never forget the day he cracked open "Dragons of Autumn Twilight." It began an adventure that continues to this day.

Photo by Kelly Thornton