The Dreamer

An Oryn the Undying Fantasy Adventure

Book Cover: The Dreamer
Part of the Dawn Bringer series:

Unwind With A Fantasy Novel That Will Keep You At The Edge Of Your Seat!

What happens when Oryn the Undying finds himself faced with a MOST challenging task?

Saving Gerra Baneford, a 7-year old kidnapped girl from the claws of the demonic Kai is no mean feat.

Centuries of wandering the land of Sirra have left him no doubt: The Kai do not kidnap, they just KILL.

No memories from the world before the cataclysm remain vivid. No reminders of the days before his goddess went silent, offering him the invaluable gift of IMMORTALITY!

Committed to helping humanity fight the life-threatening Kai, he got engaged in spine-chilling battles again and again.

But saving little Gerra is not just ANOTHER task!

Will he manage to unravel the mysteries of his haunting dreams and return the girl to her father?

Find Out In A Gripping Novel That Will Change Your Views Of The Unknown FOREVER!

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Reviews:Steph Warren on Bookshine and Readbows wrote:

This is an excerpt of the entire review. Click the link to see Steph's full write up!

In fact, James Kampel achieves a beautiful balance here between action and instrospection; present adventure and past information; character development and plot delivery.

Oryn is masterfully drawn: mysterious (even unto himself), noble and self-sacrificing, verging on the Christlike, yet also full of pain, rage, doubt, weariness, bitterness and bloodlust. Human, in fact (despite the way he refers to those around him as ‘human’ in the tone we would use for ‘alien’!). In addition we also have Willem and Gerra as sidekick and escort mission respectively. Gerra has little development, which is to be expected in an action novel due to her young age (7), functions as emblematic of Oryn’s lost innocence and youth, and also manages to appear as a real child, giggling, questioning and splashing in the bath. Willem is an interesting character, as he functions as not just an ‘everyman’ straight guy to Oryn’s mystic legend, but both reader and characters are aware that he is one in a string of such individuals, creating a unsettled feeling around him, of waiting for something to happen. (It does, and doesn’t…no spoilers here!)

Amazon Reviews on Amazon wrote:

"This story is not my usual genre but the cover caught my attention, so I purchased it. Once started it was very hard to put down. The story just flows taking you from one scene to the next. I truly recommend this book. It's definitely not hard to stay tuned to."

"I just finished reading The Dreamer - what a great story!...I am mostly a non-fiction reader, however I must highly recommend reading The Dreamer. This book is hard to put down once you start it. I am looking forward to more Oryn Adventures as his story has so many more places to go!"

"This is not my normal genre, but I took a chance on this book. I am so glad I did! I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The pacing was perfect - I never felt bogged down with too many details, and I never felt like it went too fast. I truly couldn't put it down. I can not wait for the next book of the trilogy!"

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Check out some "behind the scenes" details about the writing of the novel in The Dreamer - Annotations

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