Oryn the Undying

The Dawn Bringer Trilogy

The humans on the world of Sirra have faced a war against the hated kai for centuries. They counted on their magic to repel the enemy until a day over 1,000 years ago when a great and terrible event occurred. A huge wall sprung up around a majority of the kingdom of Orlania preventing anyone from getting in...or out. The human's goddess, Larra, disappeared and magic fled that day as well.

To this day no one knows why this event occurred, but one man still lives from that day. Oryn's memories begin with the moment he awoke outside the enormous wall. For centuries he has worked with Larra's church to combat the evil kai and find answers to his lost past. Follow Oryn as he fights for humanity and deals with truths that even the hardened mind of a centuries old fighter struggle to comprehend.

Oryn the Undying Independent Books

Oryn has lived for over a thousand years. In that time, he has fought the endless war against the kai, who desire nothing more than to destroy humanity. This selection of books contain individual stories that take place throughout his long life.