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Dawn Bringer #1 - The Dreamer
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Dawn Bringer #2 - The Seeker
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Dawn Bringer #3
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Are you looking for a great fantasy adventure?

Check out, The Dreamer. The first book in The Dawn Bringer trilogy.

Follow Oryn the Undying as he faces a relentless enemy intent on stopping him from rescuing a seven year old girl and returning her to her father.

The Dreamer is rated with five stars on Amazon and has been loved by readers of all types.

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For a limited time, get a FREE copy of The Crest of Destruction!

Discover an Oryn the Undying story that takes place 700 years before The Dreamer!

Can Oryn discover the cause of the mysterious illness that plagues Harren's Crest before the citizens succumb to it's terrible death?

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Announcing – The Crest of Destruction – An Oryn the Undying Fantasy Novella – FREE – Available Now!

Hi Everyone,

Over the past few weeks I have been working on something very special for you.

As I’ve worked over the years on the Dawn Breaker trilogy, I’ve had a number of additional story ideas for Oryn. The poor man has lived 1,000 years and seen a lot of strife.

Today I present to you, The Crest of Destruction, a novella that tells a story in Oryn’s life 300 years after he gained his mysterious immortality.

The town of Harren’s Crest is beset by a terrible illness. Can Oryn determine the cause in time to save the town from total destruction?

I really enjoyed writing this story and I am so glad to be able to share it with you.

I am presenting this novella to you, FREE to those who join my reading group. Just click the Learn More! button below to get your free novella.

Happy Reading!


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Welcome to my new site!

This site will be my internet home and a way for me to interact with you!

I am a writer and I plan to launch my first novel this year. On this site, I will provide updates on my work as well as details regarding my novels. You’ll notice a status section on the left side of the page. I will keep this up to date as I work through the writing and publishing process.

The title of the first novel is The Dreamer. It is book one in a trilogy I have called Dawn Bringer. To learn more about The Dreamer, please visit the page I created for it.

In addition, I plan to provide regular blog updates (at least 2 per month). These updates will include my personal take on writing as well as insight into my writing process. Once I determine a launch date for a novel, I will post a number of blog updates to share information about the novels as the release date approaches. In addition, Once the release date has passed, I will post some spoilery blogs about “behind the scenes” items related to the novel. I plan to publish my blogs on Mondays.

I really hope you bookmark this page and visit me often. I look forward to forming a lasting relationship with you – my friends, my family, and my fans!

Please consider subscribing to receive email newsletters. I will publish one each quarter and on rare occasions when I have big news to share.

Also consider clicking the twitter link in the upper right corner of the page and following me.

This is a beginning that I have been planning for for years and I am very excited.

Thank you!

James Kampel

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