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Are you looking for a great fantasy adventure?

Check out, The Dreamer. The first book in The Dawn Bringer trilogy.

Follow Oryn the Undying as he faces a relentless enemy intent on stopping him from rescuing a seven year old girl and returning her to her father.

The Dreamer is rated with five stars on Amazon and has been loved by readers of all types.

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Discover an Oryn the Undying story that takes place 700 years before The Dreamer!

Can Oryn discover the cause of the mysterious illness that plagues Harren's Crest before the citizens succumb to it's terrible death?

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Latest News

The Dreamer – Annotations – Chapters 25 and 26 Available Now!

Hi Everyone!

It’s here! Today, I present to you the final two chapters of annotations for The Dreamer.

You can access them on the primary annotations page. Check them out!

It has been a great joy to present these annotations to you. I hope you enjoy them. If you have any questions about a given chapter, leave a comment and I’ll reply!

Happy Reading!

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The Dreamer – Annotations – Chapters 23 and 24 Available Now!

Hi Everyone!

A new Monday has arrived, and with it, two more chapters of annotations for The Dreamer.

In keeping with my weekly schedule, I have published the annotations for chapters 23 and 24 of The Dreamer this morning.

These two chapters cover the climax of the novel and contain some very interesting reveals on some things that occur within them.

You can access them on the primary annotations page. Check them out!

I hope you are enjoying these looks into the background of this novel.

If you have any questions for a particular chapter, leave a comment on the post and I’ll be happy to provide an answer.

We have just one more week to go and then it is full steam ahead with The Seeker!

Happy Reading!

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The Seeker – Book Cover Reveal!

Hi Everyone!

For those that aren’t aware, The Seeker is book two of The Dawn Bringer trilogy. It is an intense follow-up to The Dreamer.

I’ve had the book cover in my hands for some time and today I am so excited to share it with you! I hope you like as much as I do. Or, maybe you like it more than me. Let me know!

The Seeker is coming soon. Definitely in November. I’ll be providing the release date in approximately two weeks. So, not only is this a book cover reveal, it’s an announcement of an upcoming announcement. Expect some exciting details about the novel in that announcement.

I think that is enough words for now. Check out this amazing book cover! Huge thank you goes to my book cover artist. His name is Carl Graves and his web site is

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